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Багатозначні слова: дієслово take

Продовжуючи тему багатозначних слів англійської мови, сьогодні я напишу про друге за кількістю значень слово – TAKE та наведу 20 перших значень дієслова take з прикладами вживання:

CARRY OR BRING SOMETHING – забрати, відвести (кудись)

We took the plants into the greenhouse.
The cat had to be taken to the vet.
Our guide took us around the cathedral.

GET SOMETHING – брати (особливо рукою)

Let me take your coats.
Her mother took her gently by the shoulders.
I passed him the rope and he took it.
Free newspapers: please take one.

CAUSE TO MOVE – перенести, перемістити

My old job took me into the city a lot.
The steps took us up to a cave in the cliff.
The journey will take you through some beautiful scenery.
Her amazing energy has taken her to the top of her profession.
The new loan takes the total debt to $100000.
I'd like to take my argument a stage further.

REMOVE SOMETHING – забрати (зокрема і без дозволу)

These drugs should take the pain away.
My name had been taken off the list.
She was playing with a knife, so I took it away from her.
Who's taken my pencil?
The burglars didn't seem to have taken much.

GET SOMETHING FROM OPPONENT – взяти (місто, контроль)

The town was finally taken after a six-week siege.
Her bishop took my queen (=in the game of chess).
The state has taken control of the company.
The rebels took him prisoner.

NEED/REQUIRE SOMETHING – знадобиться, потребуватиме

It's going to take some doing to persuade them!
It takes talent and dedication to become a top dancer.
It doesn't take much to start her crying.
Do you have what it takes to be a teacher?
It'll take a while to sort this out.
Our meeting took much longer than I expected.

BUY/CHOOSE – взяти, купити

I'll take the grey jacket.
We took a room at the hotel for two nights.

WRITE DOWN - записати

The police officer took my name and address.
Did you take notes in the class?

GET PICTURE - сфотографувати

  • to take a photo/picture/snapshot of smb/smth – сфотографувати когось/щось
  • to have your picture/photo taken - сфотографуватися
May I take a picture of the two of you?


  • to take somebody's temperature – поміряти чиюсь температуру
I need to have my blood pressure taken.
The scientists will take more readings from the lava flow.
They've taken several scans of her brain.

ACCEPT/RECEIVE – брати, приймати, сприймати

I've decided not to take the job.
Sorry, we don't take credit cards.
In this job you have to be able to take criticism.
You don't have to take my word for it – ask anyone.
Why should I take the blame for somebody else's mistakes?
If you take my advice you'll have nothing more to do with him.
I find his attitude a little hard to take.

USE FOOD/DRINK ETC (some phrases) – приймати, вживати

  • take milk/sugar/lemon – пити з моловокм/цукром/лимоном
  • take food – приймати їжу
Do you take sugar/milk in your coffee?
They are refusing to take food.
Take two aspirins and go to bed.
No more than four pills should be taken in 24 hours.
The doctor has given me some medicine to take for my cough.
He started taking drugs at college.

HAVE FEELING/OPINION – набувати певного емоційного стану

  • take offence - образитися
  • take (an) interest - зацікавитися
  • take a view/attitude - притримуватися думки
  • take a dislike (to smb) – невзлюбити когось
I take the view that children should be told the truth.
My parents always took an interest in my hobbies.
Don't take offence at what I said.
I took a dislike to him.
He takes the view that children are responsible for their own actions.
I'm afraid she took offence at my remarks.
He's never taken much interest in his kids.

CONSIDER – вважати, сприймати

  • take something as a compliment/an insult – сприймати щось як комплімент/образу
  • take something as an omen/a sign – вважати щось знаком
  • take something as proof/evidence of something – вважати щось доказом чогось
She took his remarks as a compliment.
They took the rainbow as a sign from their god.
We can't take his silence as proof of his guilt.
He took her remark literally.
Don't take this the wrong way – I'm just trying to help.
How am I supposed to take that remark?
Even the experts took the painting for a genuine Van Gogh.
I took the man with him to be his father. – Я переплутав його з його батьком (прийняв одного за іншого).
Of course I didn't do it! What do you take me for? – За кого ти мене маєш?

STUDY PARTICULAR SUBJECT – вивчати, здавати (екзамен)

I took a course in computer programming.
Are you taking algebra this year?
I took my driving test three times before I passed.
She'll have to take the exam again.

CONTAIN/HOLD (ABOUT EQUIPMENT) – підходити, вміщати(ся)

What size batteries does your torch take?
The tank takes about twenty gallons of water.
Careful – that shelf won't take all those books.
The bus can take 60 passengers.
The tank takes 50 litres.

DO / HAVE SOMETHING (дослівно не перекладається, має різні значення залежно від наступного слова)

  • to take a step/walk/stroll – зробити крок/прогулятися/прогулятися
  • to take a bath/shower/wash – прийняти ванну/душ/помитися
  • to take a look/glance – поглянути, подивитися
  • to take a bite/drink/sip – перекусити/трохи випити/зробити ковточок
  • to take a deep breath – зробити глибокий вдих
  • to take a break/rest – зробити перерву/перепочити
  • take a seat - сісти
  • take power/office – зайняти посаду, вступити на посаду
  • take cover – сховатися (за чимось)
  • take a risk - ризикнути
  • take (the) credit – приписати собі заслуги, присвоїти собі славу (за щось)
  • take control/command – взяти контроль (над ч-н)
  • take responsibility – взяти відповідальність
Take a deep breath.
Tom took a sip of his drink.
I took a quick look at the audience.
Let's take a walk down to the river.
The new president will take office in January.
They're shooting at us! Quick, take cover!
Can you take the risk that you might lose your money?
I did all the work, but Gill took all the credit.

USE TRANSPORT OR ROAD – поїхати (чим або по якій трасі)

  • take a bus/train/plane/taxi etc – поїхати на автобусі/поїзді/літаку/таксі і т.п.
  • to take a cab/taxi – взяти/зловити таксі
Take the second road on the right.
It's more interesting to take the coast road.
I usually take the bus to work.
Take the A14 as far as Cambridge.
We took a trail through the forest.

WIN PRIZE/ELECTION – взяти (приз)

Gladiator took the Oscar for best film.
Who took the silver medal?
The Labour Party took 45 per cent of the vote.

BE SUCCESSFUL – прижитися, прийнятися

The dye didn't take properly.
I don't think your cuttings will take in this soil.
The skin graft failed to take.

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